A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Heroes quest is a simple hack and slash adventure RPG game. actually in development

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Install instructions

Thanks for downloading the game !

if you are lost in game press H


Heroes Quest osx.zip 48 MB
Heroes Quest win.zip 43 MB
Heroes Quest linux.zip 64 MB
hq_6.apk 45 MB

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Development log


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Hey! I like this kind of game hoping that you develop this game to the great so far!

Picture : After respawn, I kinda level up like hell and your game won't continue to work always going crash

Hopefully there will be a swamp with mud later iin the game...

My first try!

Enjoy ! \ (•◡•) /

Great work in progress DEVS. I did a video and hopefully you will have a watch and spot a couple of bugs. I did get killed by the Big Goblin on Solisbury Hills and after that I kinda lost all my skill/HP/HP. One to keep an eye on is this.



thanks, that great i will find a fix!